Spotlight - Ruesha Littlejohn

One of Scott Booth's pre-season signings saw Irish midfielder Ruesha Littlejohn re-join Glasgow City. In between her spells with City, she's played for Arsenal and Liverpool in England, IL Sandviken in Norway and Celtic in Scotland. Spotlight decided it was time to meet her.

1. How have you settled back at Glasgow City, and what made you re-join the club?
I have settled in well and obviously it's easier as I know loads of the girls anyway. In the end I decided to stay at home and if I was doing that, I felt Glasgow City was the best team for me to be at. I'd trained over December for a couple of weeks and enjoyed it so it was an easy decision in the end.

2. How has the club changed since the last spell?
There have been many changes in the squad, there is still a few old faces there and loads of new younger girls coming through. Also the management has changed to so it’s a different style now and obviously this means that training and stuff is different to what it was previously. 

3. These next two Sundays (where City play Hibs and then play Aberdeen in the League Cup Semi-Final) are two important days in the club's season. How are you and the squad feeling ahead of the games? 
Hibs is a big game. They have a very good squad of players in the team. So it's going to be a tough challenge but we will work hard in training this week and Scott will have us prepared as best as he can for facing Hibs. We will look into the Aberdeen game after the Hibs game is done, but what we do know is that the semi-final will be tough. Aberdeen are an organised side but we will focus on that after the weekend

4. Do you have a favourite goal you've scored? 
Probably my goal when we played Hibs back in the day (May 2008) to win the league. It was the first time I'd won the League with City and it was against Hibs. We had been reduced to 10 players and felt very aggrieved with a number of decisions against us. The game was really tight at 1-1, and then I managed to score the winner. There was a strong rivalry in particular at that time, so those games were war back then so it was sweet to score and then win the League that day.

5. Who were your footballing heroes growing up?
I loved watching Steven Gerrard. I'm not a Liverpool fan or that, but Stevie was the man as well as Rooney.  

6. Do you have a nickname?
Ruesh is the main one but some people call me Duffy for some reason, Kassium, LJ or little miss naughty. 

7. Who have been the three best players you've played with or against?
Kim Little, Sue Lappin and Jess Fishlock are probably the best I've played with. Great players and they play football how I like it. 

8. If you could pick your dream five-a-side team that you could play in, who would you pick?
Emma Byrne in the goals with Louise Quinn being the big defender making all the blocks at the back, Kim Little and Sue Lappin and me being the creative kids I am obviously the captain of course. 

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