Player Spotlight - Hayley Rosen

1) How have you found your first couple of months with Glasgow City?
There has been a lot to adjust to and I have definitely embarrassed myself a couple of times not getting cultural norms or certain expressions, but so far I am really enjoying my time abroad and with this team! 

2) How would you compare women's football in America to your initial experiences in Scotland?
I think Scottish football is a little more direct. With the teams I have played with in the states, there has always been an emphasis on maintaining possession above all else, which can lead to a more conservative style of play. In Scotland I feel like these teams tend to "go for it" more and are generally more willing to take chances, which I think is really exciting and fun to be apart of. 

3) What made you get into football?
I started playing football when I was really young as a fun and social activity and just fell in love with the sport. 

4) Do you have a stand-out moment in your career?
Last year my university team (Stanford) played my sister's university team (USC) and we ended up marking each other in the midfield — we both play center-mid. It was a really odd experience, but it was also really special and something I will never forget. 

5) What is your reaction to the UEFA Women's Champions League draw?
I am excited to go to Sweden! I think it will be a really incredible experience and I really believe in this team's potential in the Champion's League!

6) Do you have any nicknames?
Haley is a pretty common name, so a lot of my friends at home call me by my last name, Rosen. But apparently calling someone by their last name here is kind of harsh, so Scott has been calling my Rosey. I'm warming up to it... so I guess that's a nickname.

7) Who have been the best three players that you've either played with or against?
At university and now at the professional level I have had amazing opportunities to play with and against world class players. On this team alone, I have been so impressed with the level of talent, so choosing a top three would be really hard. But I will say that playing with Ali Kreiger really stood out to me. Not only is she is an amazing player, but she has an absolutely incredible attitude that is really infectious within a team. She has really influenced the type of player and person I hope to be.

8) If you could pick your dream five-a-side team to play in, who would you pick?
Mia Hamm, Lauren Holiday, Marta, Michelle Akers, and Julie Foudy