Player Spotlight.

Leanne Crichton
Number: 8
Goals: 12
No of starts: 71

Glasgow City since April 2017 (3rd spell with club)

1. How have you settled back in Glasgow City?
Yeah I’ve settled in finally, it's been a mad month or so since everything happened at Notts County. But being back at City is a great relief and I'm enjoying being back on the training pitch with a great bunch of girls.

2. Have you noticed any improvements in the quality of the Scottish domestic game?
I think you can clearly see that the gab has narrowed between City and the other teams towards the top end of the table. There's lots of young Scottish talent filtering through the top sides and it's great to see. Hopefully the game continues to grow and those young players realise the opportunity they now have to make a name for themselves in the game.

3. Obviously your time at Notts County didn't end positively - either for the players or the women’s game. What are your thoughts on it?
I'm mainly sad about it, I think it would be easy to feel angry and bitter. But most of it was all out with the players/coaches control. It all came down to one person (the chairman) and his decision. The only thing I would have wanted was for it to have been done in a more dignified manner that considered the players. But it's done now and we all need to learn from it, and ensure it doesn't happen again to another team.

4. How do you think Scotland's preparations are going for the Euros?
It's been a busy year so far with games. All the camps have been gearing towards the tournament. You can feel the buzz around the group and it's an exciting time. Injuries have been a huge blow, but it's part of the sport and we just need to make sure we stay together and remain positive. Every player is important at this stage and we need that togetherness going into the tournament. It's a fantastic opportunity for players to be part of history.

5. What was your reaction to the appointment of Shelley Kerr as the new Scotland Head Coach, after the Euros?
I think Shelley was always going to be a favourite when the job came up. She's ticks all the boxes and it will be interesting to see her approach and what she will bring to the team.

6. Who have been the best three players that you have played with?
The best three is my career are probably;

  • Diana Barry (striker) at youth level and my first few years at senior level she was an incredible talent. As a midfielder I didn't even need to lift my head and I knew where Di would be. She could turn a game on its head within minutes.
  • Rach Williams (striker) Probably the strongest and most physical player I've trained and played alongside.
  • Carly Telford (GK) on her day she is undoubtedly world class.

7. What do you expect from Rangers?
I expect another tough game. I thought the last time we played them, they were very together, aggressive and organised. They have a lot of youth in their side which naturally makes them fearless and determined. I'm sure Amy will have added to that and it will be a tough game.

8. What has been your career highlight to date?
Qualifying for the Euro's has got to be the most satisfying and pinnacle moment. It's all about the teams/players past and present that have worked hard to grow the game. Many heartaches have come before this, so to be part of the team that finally made it to a major finals is great. For everyone involved it's a huge step for Scottish Football.