As Glasgow City continue their preparations towards the 2016 season, Spotlight sat down with club captain Leanne Ross to discuss preseason and the upcoming campaign. 

1. What was your highlight of the 2015 season?

For me the most pleasing thing was the way the squad adapted to the change of manager midway through the season. It could have been a difficult transition but all credit to Scott for the way he came in and managed to get the best out of everyone to help secure the club's 4th consecutive domestic treble.

2. How do you spend the off-season with your training?

In all honesty there isn't much of an off season! I had two weeks complete rest after the cup final but then it was back to work. We had a couple of weeks training in December but the majority of work is done in the gym during the off season. 

3. How has pre-season been so far? What is the key to a successful pre-season?

Let's just say pre season is never a pleasure but so far so good! Everything at club training is game related and done with the ball so that helps to disguise the fact we're working really hard and doing lots of running! For me though, a successful pre season is dependent on the effort put in by individuals. Work put in during the off season and extra gym and conditioning sessions done over and above club sessions help to ensure we are fighting fit and ready for the season ahead. 

4. How have the new signings fitted into the squad?

All the newbies have fitted in really well. Gemma knew most of us before coming in but she's not shy anyway so it didn't take her long to settle in. Ruesha's just Ruesha, it feels like she's never been away! Sav's done great in her first few sessions and probably feels right at home since half the Ireland national team are here! The youngsters that have stepped up to the first team are finding their feet and will be fine once they stop pretending they're shy (cos we know you're not!). As well as that it's great having Fi and Crilly back after their injuries, they're like new signings too. 

 5. Do you have any goals for the 2016 season?

We haven't sat down as a squad to talk about goals for the season ahead yet but as holders of all three domestic trophies you can guarantee we all want to do everything we can to retain those. 

 6. 2016 gives City the opportunity to win an unprecedented tenth title in a row. How is the squad approaching that challenge?

In all honesty it's not something we really talk about. Yes it would be a phenomenal achievement if we were the first club in Scotland to achieve 10 in a row but in order to have any chance of doing it we need to continue to respect all of our opponents and prepare well for each and every game. If we do that we will give ourselves every chance of retaining the SWPL title.  

7. Are there any fixtures you are looking forward to?

It's pre season..... at this moment in time we are all looking forward to just playing a game.... any game! The start of a new season is always an exciting time because you're never quite sure how strong teams are going to be because there's so much movement of players in the off season. Last season we had some very competitive games against Hibs and Aberdeen especially so hopefully those fixtures will be exciting for everyone involved yet again. 

8. City take on the 2015 WSL surprise package Sunderland. What challenges do you think they will pose City?

From playing against Sunderland last season and also watching a few of their FAWSL games we know we are in for a very competitive game today. They will be well organised in defence and tough to break down as they are a physical team that work hard all over the pitch. They are dangerous in attack as they have good technical players who combine well and can score goals. During the off season they have added to their squad so it will be interesting to see what these players add to their current squad. 

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