Spotlight - Lauren McMurchie

Ahead of today's Scottish Women's Cup game against East Kilbride, and the midweek SWPL Cup Final against Hibernian – Spotlight decided it was time to sit down with the club's current second-longest servant Lauren McMurchie.

1. With us approaching the half-way mark in the season, how do you rate both yours and the club's season?

 I think from a club point of view to be top of the league table and to reach a Cup Final before the summer break is something we can be happy with. I don't think we've performed to our potential yet at times but there's still a long season ahead to improve on that. On a personal note, I'm just happy to be back playing consistently first of all and will hopefully contribute more and more as the season goes on.

2. The game today sees Glasgow City begin their defence of the Scottish Cup. How are you feeling about this?

It's always a tough ask to defend a title, especially the Scottish Cup but it's something we've successfully managed to do before and I'm excited about the prospect of another Scottish Cup campaign.  

3. What do you expect from East Kilbride today?

In all honesty, I am not quite sure what to expect from East Kilbride as I've never played against them before but Cup games are notoriously unpredictable so it's not a game we will take lightly.

4. You've played for Glasgow City since 2008. Who have been the best three Glasgow City players you've played with?

Tough question. I guess I would have to give a variety and say.. Sue Lappin, Rachel Corsie and Fiona Brown. I think they all provide attributes which anyone would appreciate and like to have in their team. 

5. Who have been the best three players you've played against?

I've not actually played a huge amount of games but Birgit Prinz (Frankfurt) was a tough opponent on my first ever Champions League trip. I wasn't lucky enough to physically compete against her in the game but Shirley Cruz (PSG) was an amazing player and more recently playing against Ji So Yun (Chelsea) in a friendly last year was a hard task for me. 

6. Three days after the East Kilbride, it's the SWPL Cup Final. How are you feeling ahead of the final against Hibernian? 

I'm really looking forward to the Cup Final, it's always a special occasion to be involved in. We always seem to have closely contested and entertaining games against Hibs as well so that also adds to the occasion. We obviously know we have a lot to do to retain the League Cup and go into the game focused and motivated. 

 7. Do you have a nickname?

Emm.. I guess Lauz would be my only real nickname. 

8. If you could pick your dream five-a-side team to play in, who would you select?

 I'd find it hard to narrow it down.. But assuming it can be any player in the world past and present i'd choose.. Zidane, Henrik Larsson, Pirlo and Roberto Carlos.. I'd fly the flag for female players in the goals obviously!