Player Spotlight: Julie Fleeting

Late in the 2015 preseason, Glasgow City signed striker Julie Fleeting. Regarded as one of the greatest ever players in the Scottish game, Julie has been awarded an MBE and won the UEFA Women's Cup (Champions League), the FA Cup and FA Premier League numerous times, winning 17 major trophies in total with Arsenal. For the national team she is our all time record-breaker having scored 116 goals in 121 caps so far for Scotland. Spotlight thought it was time to meet the legend.

1. You signed for Glasgow City back in March, but due to injury you had to wait until the 9th August to make your debut. How was that time?
It's never easy being injured but worse when you are waiting to make your debut for a new team.  I've just tried to not get frustrated and work hard on my rehab. There are worse things in life. 

2. In 2008, you were awarded an MBE. How did it feel to receive that award?
My family and I were over the moon with my MBE, it came as a surprise and I felt honoured. The day we travelled to London for the award I found out I was pregnant with my eldest daughter so it was a pretty special time all round. All of my family came to London with us and for both those reasons it's a day I will never forget.

3. What is your reaction to the UEFA Women's Champions League draw pitting Glasgow City with Chelsea Ladies?
I think the draw could have been kinder to us. However it's a competition for the best in Europe and every footballer wants to test themselves against quality players. It's a game we will very much look forward to and hope that we can do ourselves justice. 

4. Who are the three best players you've either played with or against? 
The best players I've played with would probably be Joy Fawcett and Aly Wagner (USA internationals) and also Kim little, a wee pint sized genius who we are thankful for every game that she was born in Scotland. The best players I've played against are Bridget Prinz (a German player), Homare Sawa (Japanese player) and Rhonda Jones in training (the lassie would kick her granny). 

5. You have an astonishing scoring record for Scotland, scoring 116 goals in 121 caps. What is your highlight playing for the national team?
I've had lots of enjoyable times playing with the squad. My first cap sticks out (although many of my team mates were not even born) and I always felt honoured captaining my country. There is something very special about leading your team out. My all time favourite moment was probably scoring my 100th goal. I was sitting at 98caps and 99 goals going into the Slovakia game. Luckily I scored in that game and managed to reach 100 goals before my 100th game. 

6. When you joined Washington Spirit in 2002, you became Scotland's first ever professional player. How was your time stateside, and how do you think the prospects of Scottish players has changed from 2002 to 2015? 
My move to the states came totally out the blue. I never contemplated playing out there. At that time a Scottish girl playing in that league seemed far fetched where as now our girls are taking the league by storm. I loved my time at San Diego Spirit. The lifestyle of a professional footballer living in California was heaven. Getting paid to live in an amazing part of the world and play football every day in the sun was more than I could have dreamt of growing up. 

7. You've played for a successful Arsenal side that dominated the English game. Do you see any similarities between that Arsenal side and the Glasgow City squad?
Arsenal always played a quick passing game and it's similar to the way city play. Trying to move the ball as quick as possible and there are a number of quality players who have the ability to win games single handed.

8. Do you have a nickname?
I have a few nicknames. Older players call me Shelfie, down south my team mates called me Fleets and I also get called Joolz (with a double 'O', eh Fi Brown?). My husband also affectionately calls me 'hol where's ma dinner' from time to time.

9. How do you relax away from football?
By relax I assume you mean what do I do away from footie? There definitely isn't much relaxing. My spare time is spent with my wee girls who ensure no two days are the same. From going bike rides to being the taxi service to and from gymnastics, my days are action packed and I wouldn't have it any other way.