Spotlight on Hayley Lauder

One of Glasgow City's pre-season signings was Scotland international Hayley Lauder. The 24 year old forward has picked up 68 caps for her country, and has played domestically in Cyprus, Finland and Sweden. Glasgow City's Tim Oliver interviewed the City forward last month for our City Magazine Spotlight page.

1. The last time you played in the Scottish domestic game was with Spartans in 2011. How has the Scottish game developed since then?

The game in Scotland has been progressing steadily for many years now. The success of Glasgow City in Europe is a prime example of that. The professionalism shown by clubs, both on and off the field, has definitely moved on to another level and interest in the game has certainly increased. There is a long way to go for the overall game in Scotland in terms of resources and a professional league. However, with the national team knocking on the door of a first major tournament and teams like Glasgow City continuing to impress on the European stage, this can only raise the profile of the game in Scotland.  

2. During your career, who have been the three best players you have played with or against?

The best player I've played with is Kim Little with the national team. Two of the best players that I've played against are Anja Mittag and Ramona Bachmann (both of FC Rosengård). Individually they are world class but when they are both playing together it's frightening! 

3. Once again in March this year, you represented Scotland in the Cyprus Cup. How is the experience of the tournament?


The Cyprus Cup is always a great tournament for us to be part of. It allows us to get together at the start of the year and play against some of the world's top nations. The nice weather is always a bonus! 

4. What has been your highlight playing for Scotland?

My first cap against Italy will always be a special moment but the one game that stands out is when we beat England 2-0 at the Cyprus cup. Our main goal right now is to get to our first major tournament and that will definitely be the pinnacle.  

5. During your club career, you have played in Cyprus, Finland and Sweden. How was the experience in playing these countries, and what made you move from Scotland? 

I had played in Scotland for so many years and I was just ready to try something new. My first taste of playing abroad was with Apollon Ladies in Cyprus. I only played out there for 2 months in the Champions League but it really spurred me on to move abroad and try something more permanent. I had a great 3 years playing full time in both Finland and Sweden where I got to challenge myself against some of the top players in the world. 

6.How have you settled into the Glasgow City squad?

I've settled in really well. The girls are great and have made it an easy transition. The standards at the club are high and I'm enjoying being a part of it. 

7. Do you have a nickname?

Some people call me Hayldo or Ariel (if you're Fi Brown) but nothing exciting. 

8. How do you relax away from football?

When I'm away from football I just like to relax as much as I can. Usually you'll find me chilling in bed, listening to music and eating lots of good food!

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