Spotlight on Georgie Rafferty

Georgie Rafferty was signed in the 2015 pre-season and despite only recently turning 18 has had experience of playing in a major international tournament having performed regularly for the national youth teams. Spotlight thought it was time to meet.

1. How are you fitting in at Glasgow City?
 I've settled in really well at City, all the girls and staff were really welcoming. 

2. How do you think the club will help your footballing development?

I think for me the best decision in terms of my football career was joining this club. Every training session I'm constantly taking in new information and learning. I'm also training and playing alongside some of the best players in the country and being coached by the best staff which is really developing me.

3. Are you still at school, and if so, how have you found juggling your studies with football?

I have recently just left school after my 6th year. I found it quite hard to juggle school and football as well as trying to fit in time to see family and friends. It was a case of home from school and straight to training then trying to do school work later at night or the weekends. 

4. You played in the 2014 UEFA Women’s U19 Championship. How was that experience?

Playing in the U19 championships was an amazing experience. As I was called up a year early it was a massive difference from what I had previously encountered at the under 17s but I really enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot from the older players. As well as seeing what was required to take my game to the next level.

5. Who have been the three best players you’ve played with or against?

Firstly it would have to be Vivianne Miedema and Jill Roord from the Netherlands who were at the under 19 championships last year and are now playing in the World Cup. They worked so well together and were virtually impossible to track with their movement and interchange of positions. Also Jasmin Sehan from Germany who I faced at the under 17s Finals was a very good player and great goal scorer.

6. How do you relax away from football?

I like to just spend time with family and friends.

7. Do you have a nickname?

Sometimes I get called Georgette for a laugh by some of the girls but I don't really have a nickname.

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