Spotlight on Clare Shine.

Clare Shine joined Glasgow City in May 2015 and hit the ground running ending up as City's top goal scorer. Spotlight sat down to ask about her first season, her targets and a certain #Shinemania hashtag. 

 1. You joined Glasgow City in May 2015. How was it joining the club mid-way through the season and did you have a highlight from 2015?
It was amazing coming into a team like Glasgow City. Everyone welcomed me with open arms which made it much easier. The highlight for 2015 would have to be winning the League and Scottish Cup Final.

2. What differences are there in league football between Ireland and Scotland?
The standard is higher here than it is in Ireland. It is also a winter league in Ireland which I didn't really like because most games got cancelled due to the weather.

3. How did you get into football?
I grew up being the only girl in with a group of 8 lads who were always playing football so it was either play or sit and watch....haha.

4. Do you have a favourite goal that you've scored?
My favourite goal would have to be scoring against Spain to win 1 nil in the Under 19 European finals in 2014.

5. How has pre-season been and how are you feeling about the new season?
I think pre season has gone well. We had the Potsdam tournament in January which I really enjoyed and it's good to be back playing with all the girls again and I'm really looking forward to the new season.

6. At the beginning of a season, do you set yourself any personal goals, like the number of goals scored?
My main goal would just be to play to the best I can for my team and to hopefully get myself into positions to score goals. I never set goal targets. If I score, I score, if I don't, I don't.....haha.

7. Your goal-scoring exploits saw the creation of #ShineMania. How does it feel to have a dedicated hashtag?
Hahaha..... it was the girls who made it up and I got slagged for weeks about it, but people seem to remember it so it must have worked.

8. Name your dream 5-a-side team that you could play in?
It would be Grace Moloney, Katie McCabe, Ruesha Littlejohn, Savannah McCarthy, agus mise (and me in Irish).

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