Player Spotlight - Kerry Montgomery

The 2014 SWPL Player of the Year, Kerry Montgomery signed for Glasgow City in the winter and has gone on to become an important part of City's midfield. Spotlight sat down with Kerry before the League Cup Semi-Finals.

1. How have you fitted in at Glasgow City?

Really well, the girls and staff have been brilliant. It was (and is) very different from any other team I've ever been at, in a good way. I'm learning so much and really enjoying my football here.

2. Early on in your City career, you made your European debut. How was your experience of playing in the Champions League?

Playing at the Parc de Princes was the best experience of my football career. The stadium, the crowd, and the trip in general to Paris with the girls was brilliant. Playing against PSG was the most physically and mentally demanding game I've ever played in! Up against some of the best international players in the women's game, I wasn't involved in the amazing run the girls had to reach the QFs so I felt very lucky to play such a big part in it. A surreal experience that will stay with me for life.

3. How did you find your debut for City against Hutchinson Vale?

A lot different from playing against PSG! I just wanted to put into the game what Eddie was looking for from me in training. We won that game comfortably and the midfield saw a lot of the ball so I really enjoyed that and getting used to the way the team play.

4. Last season, you were named as 2014 SWPL Player of the Year. How did you feel about winning such a prestigious award?

I was really delighted, even to make the shortlist for it was an achievement for me with it being my first full season back playing in the Premier League so I was pretty shocked to actually win it.

I had a great season and to get recognition like that was great for me.

5. During your career, who have been the best three players you've played with or against?

At International youth level I played alongside Kim Little at Under 19s and she has obviously went on to have a brilliant career in the game and even back then was a great player to have in your team. She could create things out of nothing and is a top player. Then being at City for a short time with Suzi Lappin, again such an intelligent player and a great motivator to the other girls. She could see a pass or a run when no one else could!

Against... Would have to be Kheira Hamraoui, the midfielder for PSG. She is a very powerful and intelligent player. I did everything I could think of to put her off her game but she stayed so professional and focused! I had to be switched on every second of that game to keep close to her, her movement and use of the ball was incredible. I will be happy not to see her in an opposition shirt on the field again anytime soon!

6. What are your thoughts regarding the upcoming SWP League Cup Semi-Final against Celtic?

Really excited! I've not played in very many important cup games so I'm looking forward to being part of it.

It always seems to be a close well-contested game with City and Celtic which is the perfect type of game for me as I love a good battle.

7. Do you have a nickname?

The footy girls tend to just use Kez for short but I get called Monters outside of football.

8. How do you relax away from football?

I don't have time to relax ha!

I have a very busy work schedule and live across the road from my family... Older brother and sister so I usually have my nieces keeping me busy in my spare time. I have 7 nieces and 2 nephews in total so I have a lot of auntie duties. I like to be kept on the go and I go stir crazy if I don't have anything to do!

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