Lee thanks the fans after narrow England defeat

By Shannon McLouglan in Nice for City media

Glasgow City and Scotland goalkeeper, Lee Alexander, hailed the national side’s support yesterday as thousands flocked to the Allianz Riveria for their debut FIFA Women’s World Cup game. 

Despite the Scots narrowly losing out 2-1 to England in yesterday’s fierce match. The supporters’ voice never died down and were continuously heard throughout the 90 minutes. 

Alexander, who started and played the entire match for Scotland in goal explained how brilliant the support was: “It’s amazing as Scotland supporters are always incredible and they were amazing when we were in Holland (for the 2017 UEFA Women’s Euros) and again we knew we were having a lot of people coming out.”

It wasn’t the result that the side or supporters were opening for in their first ever senior World Cup game but a late goal from Claire Emslie in the 79th minute gave the fans something to celebrate. Alexander described the atmosphere when the goal went in. 

“We could hear them at all points in the game,” she said.

“As soon as Claire (Emslie) scored it just went wild.”

Scotland v Jamaica 28th May, 2019 (1) (1).JPG

The support is a huge positive that the side can take away from their game heading into their next fixture against former world champions Japan on Friday. The shot stopper states how the support is their driving force to make sure they get something from the game.

“We obviously want to make sure we do Scotland proud and unfortunately today we came away with a 2-1 defeat,” she also added: “I think we’ve got positives to look forward to but ultimately we have to say a huge thanks to fans that all came out to support.”

Scotland are guaranteed another two games at the World Cup. They have two more group games against Japan and Argentina. The side remain hopefully that they will be able to progress further and reach the knock-out rounds. Alexander has a message for the fans that will stick with them throughout the journey. She said: “(We have) a huge thank you for their continued support they’re amazing.

“I’d say that they’re the best, we can always hear them and we just want to make them proud and we just want to say a huge thanks.”