Portabla Media go gold with Hayley

For the third season in a row, Swedish digital agency Portabla Media are the gold player sponsor for Hayley Lauder of Glasgow City.

“The reason is really simple”, said Magnus Nilsson of Portabla Media. “Glasgow City is a perfect example of a team that has taken matters into their own hands, they did not ask for permission from anyone else. If you place yourself in the driver's seat, you can clearly achieve wonders. Ten league titles in ten years - who could have predicted that?

“The success of the team is a lesson that we all can learn from, as businesses or any other organisations.

“The fact that Hayley Lauder has experience from the Swedish league, Damallsvenskan, is of course another reason why we chose to support her. And that we can boast of being sponsor for a player who is regularly in the Champions League. How many can say that?”

You can read more about Portabla Media here: https://www.portablamedia.com/