Portabla Media become Gold Sponsor and Boot Sponsor of Hayley Lauder

Swedish web agency Portabla Media has renewed its gold sponsorship for Glasgow City and Scotland star Hayley Lauder.

"It was a very easy decision to make", said Magnus Nilsson of Portabla Media. "We work with digital strategy, and usually our input has great effect but receive little attention. That we, as a Swedish company, are sponsoring a Scottish player is unusual and has attracted a lot of attention."

During the upcoming season Portabla Media extends their commitment by also being boot sponsor for Hayley Lauder.

"It seemed obvious that we should support Hayley Lauder one hundred percent, if we could. How many consultancies can say that they sponsor a player that subscribes to a place in the Champions League and an eminent European national team? Now we can do just that."

Read more about Portabla Media at their website: www.portablamedia.com

If you would like to find out about sponsoring a Glasgow City player drop us an email at glasgowcityfc@gmai.com