There will never be another Suzanne Lappin

The recent announcement of the departure of Suzanne Lappin from Glasgow City has shaken not only the Scottish Champions, but Scottish women’s football in general.

Glasgow City co-founder and Club Manager Laura Montgomery heaped praised on the club’s all- time top goal scorer. She said, “I am very fortunate to be able to say I played in the same team as Suzanne for many years. She was everything you would want in a team mate and wholly encapsulates our club mentality. Suzanne is a winner, end of. Whether at training or in matches, she gives you everything. We have scored so many last minute winning goals over the years and Suzanne has probably netted half of them.

“In my opinion, she is the best technical player I have ever seen in Scotland and easily the best in the air by a country mile. I am sure almost every team we have played have set up to stop Suzanne scoring, but her record shows pretty much every time they have failed.

“There are very few players I would ever call a Glasgow City legend and Suzanne is one of them. From joining us in 2003 and scoring on her debut, to a hat-trick on her 18th birthday on route to us winning our first ever League title in season 2004/05 and of course the goal which took us to the Champions League Quarter Final in 2015, she has been at the heart of pretty much everything.

“I have had the pleasure of seeing Suzanne grow from a young kid at school, through University to now a very successful Chartered Accountant. Things have not been easy for her at times and it is testament to her character that she has come through life’s challenges to be the incredible person she is with all of her achievements along the way.

“To say she will be missed at our club is the biggest understatement I could ever make, but on behalf of Glasgow City, thank you Suzanne. It has been on heck of a journey together.”

City Chairperson, Carol Anne Stewart added, “City loses a legend. My memory is not the greatest at times so please feel free to correct me if you disagree with the fact that in our short history we have not had the pleasure of having a player as technically gifted as Sue Lappin. I am not sure if we ever will again unless her football gene pool has been shared with her younger female relatives. I guess we can always live in hope.

“She will undoubtedly be missed by her team mates and probably less so by her opponents whom I expect had “the fear” whenever they saw her name on the team sheet. Sue has been one of those players that you always knew could win you a game, whether she was on for 90 minutes or 9 minutes. Never was this ability to win a game demonstrated more than when Sue headed the winning goal against Zurich. That goal has to go down as one of our best. Never has a goal meant so much to this club and it was very fitting, but not surprising that Sue took us to the Quarter Finals of the Champions League for the very first time.

“Not only has Sue developed as a fantastic footballer she has worked tremendously hard and showed a similar level of commitment to her career. Unfortunately for us it is now the career that takes priority. I would like to wish her the very best for all of her future endeavours.

“Don’t be a stranger Sue Lappin #OCAC.”

Sue’s last game for Glasgow City is against Inverness this Sunday at the Excelsior Stadium, Airdrie, 2.30pm.