An interview with Jo Love from Women's Soccer Scene

Many congratulations, another year, another treble for Glasgow City, does it feel better every time you achieve it?

It certainly does, as it gets harder for us every year. The teams in our league are getting better and making massive improvements all the time, but it’s pleasing for us to see we are still that step ahead at the minute. We never get tired of winning and are always striving for more success.

After your recent league defeat to Spartans, was there an extra incentive for the team going into the Cup Final?

Of course there was. We knew we had let ourselves down that day and we were determined that we would take our chances this time round. In the league, and luckily for us, that game never cost us any harm. With a Scottish Cup Final, you don’t get another chance to make it right.

Do you feel that the 5-0 scoreline reflected the way the team played on the day?

I think so. I feel we started sluggish, however we prevented Spartans from creating much and ultimately took our chances. It could have put a spoiler on the whole season if we hadn’t won!

Fiona Brown opened things up with a superb first goal, she is looking a great prospect who has been in great form recently?

Fiona has always been a great player and one our team has feared coming up against when she played for Celtic! It’s a delight to have her at the club and I’m sure she will go far in the game. She is still only young and has a great future ahead of her. Also have to mention Denise O’Sullivan, who scored at the weekend too; she’s had a cracking season for us. It takes a whole team however, and I think everyone at our club is a credit to Glasgow City.

This of course completed a perfect week for the club, have you had time to reflect on the Champions League and Cup Final wins?

There was a quote that was used, coming to the end of our season there (“Those who create history do not have time to write about it”) and we feel that this rather suited us at the minute! We’ve been fortunate that there has always been other games for us to concentrate on; like Champions League straight into the cup final. Now we have stopped for a couple of weeks break, we can all let our achievements sink in and be proud of, not just the perfect week, but almost the perfect the season we just had.

How did those last ten minutes against FC Zurich rank among the highlights in your career?

I will never forget them! To go through such a wide range of emotions isn’t good for you, let me tell you!! The good thing about our team is that we always believe. I have never felt joy like it once the final whistle went… Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! That’s a game I will remember for the rest of my life, and I’m glad it was for all the right reasons.

What do you think about the quarter final draw for the Champions League? 

PSG will be a really tough draw but there wasn’t going to be an easy draw in that pot. Going by the reaction, everyone seems to be delighted. We have the ambition to do well and we will enjoy being tested against one of the best teams in the world.

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